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Mater Anna quisquae personat promissionis
foetum peperit.
Dulcis Anna quae piissima tantum vobis
fructum edidit ex quo dulcis Iesus prodiit.
Mater Anna, dulcis Anna, quam beata
Domus David ex quam prodiisti et venter
in quo Deus sanctificationis Aram fabricavit.
Audite gentes inopinatum miraculum.
Audite Annam, congaudete mecum, quia
per divinum germem ex sterili ventre peperi.
Matrem Annam quisque personat
promissionis foetum peperit.
Audite gentes miraculum, audite
Filium Mariae,
congaudete mecum quia pratum Divino
opificium formatum supra naturam edidi.
Dulcis Anna quae piissima tantum vobis
fructum edidit ex quo dulcis Iesus prodiit.
Mater Anna, dulcis Anna, tu benedictionis
fructum uberibus tuis nutriisti non eius partum
Iesum precatis cruci configimus.
Tu dulcis Anna, tu miserere, tu salva nos,
  adiuva nos.
Mother Anna has brought forth the offspring of
promise, and all proclaim it.
Sweet Anna, who, most pious, has produced for
all so great a fruit from which sweet Jesus came forth.
Mother Anna, sweet Anna, how blessed is the
House of David whence you came, and your womb
in which God has erected the altar of sanctification.
Hear, you peoples, this unexpected miracle,
listen to Anna [saying], “Rejoice with me,
for I have borne a divine seed from my sterile womb.”
Whoever makes ‘Mother Anna’ resound has brought
forth the offering of promise.
Hear, you peoples, this miracle, hear of the
Son of Mary.
“Rejoice with me for I have brought forth an offspring
formed by Divine craftsmanship beyond Nature. ”
Sweet Anna, who, most pious, has produced for you
such a fruit from which sweet Jesus came forth.
Mother Anna, sweet Anna, you nourished the fruit
of blessing with your breasts; we who pray to you do
not affix her child Jesus to the Cross through our sins.
You sweet one, Anna, have mercy on us, save us,
help us.
  translation by Robert Kendrick with Owen Daly
Recordings of 5.01
Mater Anna, S, hp, vlg, org, lu, timing 9:10. Concerto Soave, Maria Cristina Kiehr, Sacri Musicali Affetti. l'empreinte digitale (HM) ED13048.

5.02. IN MEDIO MARIS Per S. Pietro
In medio maris contrarius erat ventus.
In imbre, in unda, in fluctibus levis
Navicula levis, navicula iactabatur.
Iam quarta vigilia noctis errabant, dolentes, lugentes;
Ecce, ecce a longe, ecce ambulans super mare,
ecce venit ad eos.
Turbati sunt stupore, timore.
Clamabant pavidi, "fantasma est!"

Locutus est Iesus, "Ego sum. Veni et tu, Petrus, super aquas."
Discessit e navicula, ambulavit, tremuit, precatus est
"In vento valido, in unda liquida cupes immergitur. Iam cado iam pereo!
Me saluum fac, Iesu."
Apprehendit, repprehendit eum Dominus: "Modicae fidei, quare dubitasti?"
Clamabant undique gentes, "Fili[us] Dei vere, tu." Alleluia!

In the midst of the sea, the wind was contrary.
In rain, in swells, in light swirling surges, the light little ship was tossed.
Now, during the fourth watch of the night they were wandering about,
grieving, complaining; Behold! Behold from afar, Behold Him walking on the sea.
Behold, He came to them. They were troubled with stupor, with terror.
Frightened, the cried out, “It is a phantom!”
Jesus spoke, “It is I. I have come, and you, Peter,  come also on the waters.”
Peter came down from the ship, and was fearful, and cried out in prayer:
“In the strong wind, in the flowing waves, my [ship] is beginning to be overwhelmed.
Now I fall! Now I perish! Save me, Jesu!”
Jesus took him up and reproved him: “Oh thou of little faith, why did you doubt Me?”
Then all the people exclaimed, “You truly are the son of God.” Alleluia!
   translation Owen Daly

recordings of 5.02
In Medio Maris. S, harp; timing 6:28. Fabellae Sacrae, Ensemble Savadi. Panclassics PC10208

5.03. GAUDE VIRGO Per la Madonna
Gaude Virgo plena laude.
Verbi Genitrix beata super omnes exaltata.
Non cessabunt, non decrescent sed durabunt et florescent tua gaudia.
Ad te Regina recurro, ad te venio, ad te Diva confugio
te gemens te penitens imploro.
Mea verba Verbi mater ne despicias. Audi clemens, audi pia exaudi propitia. Alleluia

A joyful greeting, O Virgin, full with praise. O, blessed Mother of the Word, exalted above all.
The joys you bring will not cease, they will not wane, but they will endure and blossom.
To you, O Queen, I run for shelter, to you I come, to you, O holy one, I have taken refuge.  Lamenting, repenting, I beseech you.
May you not cast your eyes down upon my words, O Mother of the Word.  O merciful one, hear, hear, O kindly one, bestow your favor.  Alleluia.
   Translation David Larrick

recordings of 5.03
Gaude virgo plena laude. Irena Troupova, Matthias Wilke, Italian Music of the 17th Century: Music to Honor the Blessed Virgin. Studio Matous 4.

5.04. SALVE SANCTA CARO Per il Santissimo
Salve sancta caro Dei,
per quam salvi sumus rei, salve.
Tu nos Christe redemisti, salve.
Dum in Cruce pependisti, salve.
O magna vis amoris, o immense benefitium largitatis

Ut homines Deo faciat Homo factus est Deus.
Salve sancta caro (…)
Mensa hec nos alit virtutis cibo salutis epulo deliciis gloriae

Dum in panem vitae sededit Dominus et sanguinem suum effundit in poculum
Sancta caro tu me munda.
Sancte sanguis sancta unda
Lava me ab omni sorde ut te puro queram corde.
Quid hac mensa pretiosius
Quid hoc Sacramento mirabilius
Quo purgantur peccata virtutes augentur
Animus impinguatur dulcedo gustatur spiritualis.
Sancta caro (...)

Hail, holy flesh of God,
by which we guilty sinners are saved, hail.
You, O Christ, redeemed us, hail,
while you hung upon the Cross, O hail.
O great power of Love,
O boundless blessing of bountifulness,
That men should act for God, God became Man. 
Hail, holy Flesh.
This table nourishes us with the food of virtue, the banquet of salvation, the delights of glory, so long as the Lord offered himself in the bread of life and poured forth his blood into a cup.
Holy flesh, cleanse me, holy blood, O holy flood, wash me of all my filth that I may seek you with purified heart. How precious this table, how marvelous this Sacrament
by which sins are purged, virtues are increased. May the soul be imbued, the spiritual sweetness tasted.
   Trans. David Larrick

recordings of 5.04
Salve sancta caro, S, hp, org, lu, timing 7:34. Concerto Soave, Maria Cristina Kiehr, Sacri Musicali Affetti. l'empreinte digitale (HM) ED13048.

5.05. HODIE ORITUR Per tutti li Confessori
Hodie oritur nobis lumen recolitur memoria agitur dies festus, dies celestis Sancti Hieronimi.
Canant mortales iubilent hodie et sancti gloriam promant cum gaudio.
Nulla sint tristia cuncta laetissima.
De coelis splendet lux radiatur Ecclesia totus denique mundus illius meritis illustratur.
In terris mirabilia in Coelis Grandia fecit iste Sanctus mundum calcavit.
Deum dilexit et ideo in Coelis letatur
Deum dilexit et ideo perfusus gloria pro nobis intercedit. Alleluia.

 Today is risen for us, a light is recalled, a feast day is kept, the glorious day of Saint Jerome.
Let mortals sing, today may they sound forth praise and express the glory of the Saint with joy.
Let there be no sadness, let all be most joyous.
From heaven gleams the light; the Church and all the world as well is brightened with his merits.
On earth, in Heaven, that Saint performed sublime miracles.
When he trod upon earth, he loved God, and thereby he rejoices in Heaven.
He loved God and thereby, imbued with glory, he intercedes on our behalf. Alleluia.
   translation David Larrick

recordings of 5.05
Hodie oritur, S, theor, vc, clav, lu, timing 6:59. Concerto Soave, Maria Cristina Kiehr, Sacri Musicali Affetti. l'empreinte digitale (HM) ED13048.

5.06. ERUMPEBAT Per S. Benedeto
Erumpebat undique Fama sanctitatis
Beatissimi Patris nostri Benedicti.
Erumpebat undique Fama et augebatur Benedictus in die maiori gratia ventura predicendo.
Unde Rex Gothicus Totila ut eludat propheti cum Sancti Benedicti Spiritum suum illi spatharium indutum mittit purpura.
A multis servus sociis Dum comitatus simulat se Regem esse Totila Hoc benedictus in tuens statim dicit spathario.
Depone fili quod geris, depone purpuram, depone coronam Sceptrum, depone ornamentum enim illud Regium tuum non est depone.
Oh turpis, oh demens astutia que vel per iocum,
per iocum fallere sanctorum oculos non potest.

Verum Dum prestat Totila Sancto Benedicto maximum genuflexus obsequium
Regi Idolatre plurima, Benedictus prenuntiat.
Oh pulcra, oh felix devotio que impetrare gratias a sanctis vocibus non dubitat.

From every side there burst forth the renown
of the sanctity of our most blessed father Benedict.
There burst forth all around his renown,
and Benedict continued day by day to be extolled
by proclaiming the grace that was to come. 
The Gothic king Totila, once, in order to mock
the divine prophetic power of Saint Benedict,
sends his attendant to him dressed in high rank.  
The attendant, accompanied by many companions,
pretends that he is King Totila. 
Benedict, seeing this, immediately says to the attendant,
“O son, put off what you are wearing,
put aside your purple royal garb,
put aside the crown, the scepter, put off the adornment,
for that regal splendor is not yours.  Take it off.”
O foul, O mindless cunning that in jest,
in sport cannot deceive the eyes of holy men. 
And while Totila offers to Saint Benedict
the utmost submission of genuflection,
Benedict foretold to the king much of idolatry.
O beautiful, O happy devotion which hesitates not
to obtain grace through the words of the saints.
   Translation David Larrick

recordings of 5.06

5.07. O MARIA Per la Madonna
O maria quam pulchra es, quam suavis, quam decora.
Tegit terram sicut nebula lumen ortum indeficiens
Flamma ignis Arca federis inter spinas ortum lilium.
Tronum sion in Altissimis in columna nubis positum.
O Maria (...)
Ante saecula creata girum coeli circuivit sola profundum abissi penetravit

Et in fluctibus maris ambulavit omnium corda virtute calcavit
Et in hereditate Domini morata est.
Tegit terram (...)
O Maria (...)

O Mary, how beautiful you are, how sweet, how comely.
She enfolds earth as a cloud, a light risen that never fails, a flame, a fire, the Ark of the Covenant, a lily grown among the thorns.

A throne of Zion placed in the highest in a pillar of cloud.
Before the creation of the ages did she walk about the gyre of heaven, did she infuse into the depth of the abyss.
And on the waves of the sea did she walk, on the hearts of all did she virtuously tread, and she did remain.
   Translation David Larrick

recordings of 5.07
O Maria, S, hp, lu, timing 5:45. Concerto Soave, Maria Cristina Kiehr, Sacri Musicali Affetti. l'empreinte digitale (HM) ED13048.

5.08. PARASTI IN DULCEDINE Per il Sacramento
Parasti in dulcedine mensam homini Deus.
Stillarunt montes suavitantem.
Colles fluxerunt lac et melcibus.
Venite et commedite exultationis in tabernaculis, peccatorum venite et commedite
Angelorum escam salutis epulos paradisi viaticum.
O salutis Christe portus de Maria Virgine ortus gloriam nobis da caelorum in saecula saeculorum.
Venite et commedite favum cum melle meo, bibite vinum cum lacte meo,
venite et commedite quia pretiosum est et admirandum convivium salutiferum et omni bonitate repletum.
O salutis Christe (...)
Amen, Alleluia, Amen.

You, O God, have prepared in your sweetness a table for man. 
The mountains have dripped down sweetness,

The hills have flowed with milk and honey.

Come and eat in the tabernacles of exultation of sinners, come and eat the food of Angels, the banquets of salvation, the farewell supper of paradise.
O Christ, salvation’s gate, born from Virgin Mary, grant us the glory of the heavens forever and ever.
Come and eat the honeycomb with my honey, drink wine with my milk, come and eat, for it is precious and admirable, a banquet full of salvation
and replete with every goodness.
O Christ, salvation’s…
Amen, Hallelujah, Amen.
    Translation David Larrick

recordings of 5.08
"Parasti cor meum -- al sacramento" S, org timing 5:51. Altri Stomenti, Olga Pasiecznik, sop. Uccellini. Magnatune, 2004.

"Parasti cor meum", S, vc, org, ch, timing 6:55. Concerto Soave, Maria Cristina Kiehr, Sacri Musicali Affetti. l'empreinte digitale (HM) ED13048.

5.09. ERAT PETRUS Per S. Pietro
Erat Petrus dormiens inter milites cintus catenis et ante ostium custodes.
Ecce lumen refulsit in habitaculum astitit Angelus percussit Petrus et eccitavit,
“Surge, surge velociter, solve catenas, precimge te, calcea te, circunda tibi vestimentum, sequere me.”
Pulsante eo ostium Ioannis venit puella et pregaudio intro currens non peruit, pulsabat Petrus, perseverabat pulsans; respondebant puellae in sanis in carcere est Petrus
(pulsabat Petrus).

Narrabat puella stare Petrum ante ianuam
(pulsabat Petrus)
dicebant illi Angelus eius est
(pulsabat Petrus, perseverabat pulsans); aperuerunt, viderunt, obstupuerunt.
Annuens autem Petrus manu ut tacerent.
Nunciavit quod Dominus abduxit eum.
O Petre protector in te sperantium Petre.
Te Petre poscimus ut culpas abluas noxia diluas.
Ecce miserum peccatis de victam de tua liberatione confisam.
Te Petre poscimus ut culpas abluas da pacem famulis da nobis gloriam per cuncta saecula Alleluia.

Peter was sleeping, bound in chains, among the soldiers and guards before the door.
See!  A light shone into the hut, an Angel at his side shook and aroused Peter, “Rise up, rise up quickly, break the chains, gird yourself, do on your shoes and a cloak, follow me.”
As he knocks upon the John’s door, a girl within comes and running with joy but she did not open . Peter continued to knock.
The girls answered, “Indeed Peter is in prison.” (Peter kept knocking.)
The girl said that Peter was standing before the door. (Peter kept knocking, knocking); they opened the door, they saw, they were astounded.
Peter signaled with his hand that they should be quiet.
He reported that the Lord had rescued him.
O Peter, protector of those having hope in you, O Peter.
We call upon you, O Peter, that you wash clean our faults, that you remove our offenses.
Behold, one wretched, overcome with sins, trusting completely in your liberation.
We call upon you, O Peter that you wash clean our faults, grant peace to your servants, give us glory through all the ages.  Alleluia.
   Translation David Larrick

recordings of 5.09
Erat petrus, S, hp, vc, clav, lu, timing 6:14. Concerto Soave, Maria Cristina Kiehr, Sacri Musicali Affetti. l'empreinte digitale (HM) ED13048.

5.10. SURGITE SURGITE Per il Santissimo
Surgite, surgite querite Dominum dum inveniri potest. Invocate eum dum prope est.
Circuivi civitatemque, sivi illum et non in veni; vocavi illum et non respondit. Indicate mihi ubi cubet dilectus meus.

In Altaris Sacramento, sub diversis speciebus,
ibi latet Christus Iesus, caro cibus, sanguis potus -- ibi manet Christus totus .
Sumite, edite Dominum dum seprebet in epulum, bibite sum seprebet in poculum.
Manducate eum dum panis Angelorum est.
Tenui eum nec dimittam. Alleluia.
Tenui eum nec dimittam donec introducam illum in animam meam. Alleluia.

Rise up, rise up
Rise up, rise up, seek the Lord while He can be found.  Call upon him while he is near. 
I went all about the city, I sought him, and I found him not; I called him and he did not answer.  Show me where my beloved lies.
On the altars, in the Sacrament, in various appearances there he lies, Jesus Christ, body as food, blood as drink— there lies the whole Christ.
Take up and partake of the Lord while he offers himself in the banquet, drink while he offers himself in the cup.
Partake of him while he is the bread of the Angels. 
I have embraced him, nor shall I let him go.  Alleluia.  I have embraced him, nor shall I let him go until I will bring him into my soul.  Alleluia.
      translation David Larrick
recordings of 5.10


Salve Regina, Mater misericordie.
Salve vita dulcedo et spes nostra salve.

Regina ad te clamamus, exules filii Evae.
Regina ad te suspiramus gementes et flentes in hac lacrimarum valle.
Eia ergo advocata nostra illos tuos misericordes oculos ad nos converte,
Et Iesum benedictum fructum ventris tui nobis post hoc exilium ostende.
O Clemens, o pia, o dulcis Virgo Maria.

Hail holy Queen, Mother of mercy,
our life, our sweetness, and our hope.
To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve.
To thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this valley of tears.
Turn then, most gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy toward us.
And after this our exile show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary.

recordings of 5.11
Salve Regina, Mezzo-sop, hps, timing 8:34. Marilena Zlatanou Lars Henrik Johansen. O Magnum Mysterium. Bergen Digital, 2009. 

Salve Regina, S, bc, timing 9:46. Serikon, Acqua Alta. Footprint Records 2014
Salve Regina, S, hp, vc, org, ch, timing 9:46. Concerto Soave, Maria Cristina Kiehr, Sacri Musicali Affetti. l'empreinte digitale (HM) ED13048.

5.12. NASCENTE MARIA Per la Madonna
Nascente Maria himnum cantate nobis de canticis Angelorum.
Gloria in excelsis Deo.
Gaudeat omnis terra Mariae Virginis illustrata natali.
Gloria in excelsis Deo.
Concinite letantes chori et alternantibus modulis Mariam nascentem
Excipite, laudate, benedicite, adorate Mariam.
Nascitur Maria ut sit salutis exordium.
Nascitur Maria ut mundo succurat perdito.
Nascitur Maria ut sit peccatorum venia.

Nascitur Maria ut sit reconciliationis remedium.
Laudate, benedicite, adorate Mariam.
Nascente Maria Ecclesiae Aurora consurgit,
solem iustitiae mundum cum laetitia Paritura.
O femmina super femminas benedicta
O mater, o Virgo, o Deus, o firmamentum, o gloria.

Gloria in excelsis Deo.

On the occasion of Mary’s birth, sing a hymn to us
from the songs of the Angels.
Glory to God in the highest.
Let all the world rejoice, the Virgin Mary’s day of birth revealed.
Glory to God in the highest.
Join in, happy choirs, and with varying keys welcome Mary as she is born, praise, bless her, worship Mary.  Mary is born that she may be the beginning of salvation.
Mary is born that she may help the world from perdition. Mary is born that she may be the pardon for sinners.  Mary is born that she may be the means for reconciliation.
Praise, bless, worship Mary. 
As Mary is born, the dawn of the Church arises,
she who will with joyfulness give birth to the word, to the Sun of Justice.
O woman before all Women, blessed one,
O Mother, O virgin, O God, O heaven, O glory.  Glory to God in the highest.
   Translation David Larrick

recordings of 5.12
Nascente Maria, S, hp, vc, org, lu, timing 8:00. Concerto Soave, Maria Cristina Kiehr, Sacri Musicali Affetti. l'empreinte digitale (HM) ED13048.

5.13. OLEUM EFFUSUM Al SS. Nome di Dio
Oleum effusum est nomen eius, o nomen quod pietatis gratiam et potentiam maiestatis sonat
Sanctum olim et terribile nomen eius.
Sed currite gentes effusum est nomen quod quicumquae invocaverit salvus erit.
O nomen nectare dulcius beato, o nomen nobile pingue delicarum Te cantu dicere Angelico debemus, o nomen super omne nomen.
Angelorum Deus etiam hominum se Deum nominat.
Effunde Aperi manum tuam et imple omne animal benedictione venite ad confitendum nomini Domini resonet in voce exultationis et laetitiae sonus epulantis.

Oleum effusum (...)
Effusum plane quod non solum coelum terrasquae persudit
Sed aspersit et inferos dum ad hoc santum nomen flectitur omne genu.
O nomen (…)
His name is as oil poured out
O name which sounds forth the grace of piety
and the power of majesty
holy, therefore, and awesome is His name.
But run, nations! Poured out is the name
by which whoever invokes it shall be saved.
O name, sweeter than blessed honey,
o name, renowned ointment of delights
you whom we should call Angelic in song,
o name above every name.
For the God of Angels has called Himself the God of men.
Pour forth! Open your hand and fill every living being with blessing
Come all, so that confessing in the name of the Lord there shall resound in voice of exultation and sound of joy as at a banquet.
Oil poured out...
Poured out smoothly that which not only drenches Heaven and earth
But also sprinkles even the infernal regions
while to this Holy Name, every knee bends.
O name....
   translation David Larrick

recordings of 5.13

5.14. IUBILEMUS Per S. Antonio
Iubilemus exultemus diem festum celebremus in honorem Sancti Antoni.
Cantate pueri reviviscentes psallite socii coelo studentes canite Virgine Christo nubentes iubilate milites fidem tuentes.
A patre luminum Divus Antonius qui pater omnibus diva sequentibus fulget miraculis.
Date voces organa cithari
zate, cithare in voce tubae corneae omnes gentes moda lamini.
Antonium deprecamini dum festum eius agitis.
Cantate pueri (...)


Let us rejoice, let us exult, let us celebrate the feast day in honor of Saint Anthony.
Sing in celebration, you lively boys,
Sing psalms, you companions eager for heaven,
Sing, you virgins betrothed to Christ,
Rejoice, soldiers guarding the faith.
From the father of heavenly lights, Divine Anthony,
as father to all who follow what is sacred,
shines with his miracles.
Give forth your voices, with organ, lyre, trumpet, cornet,
All nations, make melody.
Beseech Anthony as you celebrate his feast day.
   Translation David Larrick

recordings of 5.14