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Welcome to Cor Donato Editions
publishing branch of Barbara Strozzi . com

Why "Cor Donato Editions?"
   One of Barbara Strozzi's lovely Opus 3 works is Cor Donato, cor rubato ... a heart given and a heart stolen.
I love the gesture of a heart and love given freely.

What is the logo?
   The central heart is surrounded by the Strozzi family crest of three crescents. This particular version of the
stemma is used as decor throughout the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, and our logo comes from a photograph
I took of an iron gate detail at the Palazzo. The heart is added to the graphic where the original keyhole would
be -- a key to the heart of Strozzi's music. It is interesting to note that the Opus 3 frontispiece includes a small
version of this same original crest!

What is in these editions?
   These editions are meticulous transcriptions of the original music, put into modern notation. Each piece is carefully annotated with editorial notes. New English translations are provided as well as the original Italian
    Nothing has been added to Strozzi's original scoring for voice and continuo (and the occasional obbligato
violins) -- no accompaniment for piano, no extra figures in the bass line. What she wrote is what we present
here, in modern clefs and clear text underlay.

Publications or digital downloads?
    Both are scheduled to be available.

    Published music uses heavy-weight paper covers and bright white music pages on opaque paper.
Three copies of the voice-continuo part are included -- one bound and stapled, the others loose. Our
philosophy is to be sure that all musicians have texts and voice lines, as well as the continuo part. Bowed
string players are encouraged to play from full score. All scores are given careful consideration to page turns
for elegant continuity.

    Secure digital downloads allow for instant acquisition of music. Each page is notated with the owner's
name, with enough copies included for each of the performers (e.g., 3 copies for voice, harpsichord, bowed
bass).  Covers, texts, and editorial notes are all included in the download.

Our Catalog
    ...is expanding rapidly! There is a shipping discount for multiple items sent to one address.
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