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Here are a few tips for finding what you desire on this site:
-- If you know the title or first line of a piece, look at the Index to find what opus number it is from. 
-- The Opus pages have lists of each individual work, with names of poets and modern editions. General information about the work, the dedication, original copies in libraries, RISM numbers, and facsimiles.
-- The Text page for each opus has the original texts written out along with translations for many...that's a work in progress for me.
-- Text pages also list the recordings of each work.
-- Recordings are listed on the Discography page with notes of each work included, timings, performers, and links to purchase.
-- Bibliographic material is in two forms: alphabetical and classified. Check them both out.
-- A basic history is included.

Please come back often. I will continue to post updates of new recordings. editions, articles, translations, and research. Please write to the address below with your questions.

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